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Colorful decor is a big obsession of mine. I love color therapy and creating palettes for rooms in my apartment. On the downside the more color in a room, the more cluttered it can feel.

Accessorizing a room with color makes it easier to rotate seasonal color schemes and won't overwhelm the room. Here are a few of my new favorite etsy stores that use pops of color in a fun way.
Teal Poodle // This shop features several graphic color print designs on cutting boards, shower curtains and more. I love their pantone color swatch and bokeh designs.

Vixen Goods // Throw pillows are a great solution for adding color and comfort. Vixen Goods is filled with wonderful critter themed pillows that are both neutral and colorful.

Carriage Oak Cottage // Plants can add a touch of color but don't just leave it up to the flowers. These ombre vases provide a great accent of color and texture.

Recently I've been in love with dip dyed decor. Anything dip dyed really if you couldn't tell by my hair. Dip dying is a wonderful way to minimally add accent colors to a room without overpowering it.

Looking through the West Elm catalog a few months ago I spotted the above curtain and fell in love. Though I couldn't believe how costly curtains are! Particularly since my post college decor has consisted mostly of push pinning sheets over windows.

I decided to make my own curtains out of gauze fabric using McCall 3219. The pattern was so simple to construct. The worst part was just mathematically constructing the curtains to scale and evenly hemming. I love how they defuse the light in our bedroom but decided they needed a color pop.

After much debate, I settled for a lavender color. I think I was inspired by Pantone's radiant orchid color or just a need for spring.

A few months ago I was approached by Madison Reed to become an affiliate. I had never heard of the brand but they thought I'd be interested in their gluten free, ammonia free hair dye. They even offered me a trial box to review here on my blog!

If you don't have time to read my review, I'll sum it up with LOVE LOVE LOVE. And here's why...

I have become obsessed with ombre or dip dying. I totally plan on dip dying some of my clothes to give them some new life.  It reminds me of perfectly blended eyeshadow!

  1. Hand Painted Lace Necklace, $25 - White Bear (Etsy Store)
  2. Vintage High Waisted Shorts, $40 - Terrafied Clothing (Etsy Store)
  3. Spiked Cut-Out Ombre Blouse, $40 - Go Jane
  4. Liz Claiborne Sequin Ombre Top, $37 - JC Penny
  5. Ombre Tights, $40 - Meefa (Etsy Store)
  6. Ombre Wash Denim Jacket, $50 - Free People
  7. Ombre Bandage Dress, $1,600 - Net-a-Porter
  8. Kaliko Ombre Scarf, £22 - House of Fraser
  9. Cable Dip Dye Beanie Hat, $28 - Top Shop
  10. Mudd Textured Ombre Teardrop Earrings, $8 - Kohl's
  11. Trudie Dip Dye Ombre Leggings, $20 -
  12. Acid Wash Ombre Leggings, $40 - Top Shop
  13. Modevi Dip Dye Tank Top, $19 - Zumiez
  14. Cheryl Tassel Sleeveless Dress, $50 -
  15. Ombre Sweater, $25 - Go Jane
  16. Pieces Neva Ombre Necklace, £18 - New Look
  17. Full Tilt Ombre Wrap Sweater, $28 - Tilly's
  18. Ombre Sequin Dress, $50 - Gap


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