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Whether you are redecorating a room or planning a wedding, shell decor has always been a popular choice. I've compiled a list of my favorite shell themed tutorials as well as their store bought counter parts to assist you in your next beach themed project. Happy creating!

oyster and pearl cookies: DIY via DIY Louisville
shell skewers: DIY via Martha Stewart
oyster shell salt cellars: DIY via Design Sponge
Ocean themed parties are quite popular among fellow bloggers. Above are my three favorite ways shells were incorporated into the food styling. If you like the shell skewers, try using longer sticks for cocktail stirrers.

oyster centerpiece: DIY via oncewed // DIY via What's Ur Home Story
seashell lights: DIY via Martha Stewart // shell votives: DIY via bhg
Shells look great illuminated in light so make them the light source. Use them as a candle holder or even the candle itself. Leave the shells natural or paint them metallic. Alternatively, if you are lacking shells or time, you can purchase shell candles from a variety of etsy sellers.

seashell hair pins: DIY via Swell Blog
oyster mirror: DIY via Up to Date Interiors
oyster shell dish: DIY via Martha Stewart
Add a little shell chic to your jewelry and bathroom as well. I think the oyster mirror would also make a great mirrored plate on a vanity. If you prefer to add a pop of color, I found Anthropologie styled fabric-covered clam shells for sale on etsy and the maker was also kind enough to make a youtube tutorial.

clam shell panter: $129 via Ballard Designs // DIY via Curb Alert!
conch shell planter: $22 via modclay // DIY via radmegan
Shells are naturally a great shape for planters. Shell shaped glassware and ceramics was also incredibly popular in the 1970s so check grandma's attic or a local antique store for something to repurpose.
Colorful decor is a big obsession of mine. I love color therapy and creating palettes for rooms in my apartment. On the downside the more color in a room, the more cluttered it can feel.

Accessorizing a room with color makes it easier to rotate seasonal color schemes and won't overwhelm the room. Here are a few of my new favorite etsy stores that use pops of color in a fun way.
Teal Poodle // This shop features several graphic color print designs on cutting boards, shower curtains and more. I love their pantone color swatch and bokeh designs.

Vixen Goods // Throw pillows are a great solution for adding color and comfort. Vixen Goods is filled with wonderful critter themed pillows that are both neutral and colorful.

Carriage Oak Cottage // Plants can add a touch of color but don't just leave it up to the flowers. These ombre vases provide a great accent of color and texture.
There is something about rustic items and antiques that always make a place feel really homey.  Maybe because they feel old and well lived or possibly the sentiment of a family heirloom.  I love incorporating vintage items into my decor.  Here are some unique finds on etsy that really stood out.

Everyday Doxologies makes these amazing handmade crates.  They have such a wonderful rustic feel and I love their selection of nesting boxes. I would love to use these for fabric organization.

Burlap looks amazing dressed up with some pearls and lace! Dill Pickle Picnic has unique cupcake wrappers including these awesome burlap ones.  Creative Places turns a burlap sack into beautiful upscale table runners.  I'm sensing a good wedding or party theme.
I've always had a thing for skeleton keys.  It's the combination between the victorian style and Alice in Wonderland.  I even have a foot tattoo of one. Rachel Bertoni reinvents a key into this amazing ring!
Okay so back to school no longer applies to me but this weekend is always exciting.  It brings the anticipation for fall and holidays.  This is the exact day I arrived to LA last year and started my new life with my best friend, new boyfriend and new job.  It's also been the first year since high school, I have spent a whole year living in the same place.  There was always moving between dorms, parents, and apartments.  It feels good to be more stationary.

Autumn is also good for organizing.  I have actually almost finished cleaning out and organizing all of my possessions.  There is a big improvement compared to last year (Okay, I still have an insane amount of shoes).

While browsing etsy, I found some creative uses of chalkboards and thought with school and organization on the brain, what a a fun way to decorate and get in gear!

Pillow Box by greenbugmarketplace
Chalkboard Wine Bottles by EllaCustomDesigns
Chalkboard Bracelet by MySelvagedLife
Chalkboard Labels by mintmoose
Vintage Chalkboard Kettle by NYChalk
Chalkboard Platter by AZCreativeStudio
View more fun chalkboards on my new pinterest board!
August has brought the anticipation and excitement for autumn!  I recently bought a linen cabinet to store all my fabrics and sewing materials in as well as a brand new designer sewing machine.  I will share it in a workspace post some day but it is still unorganized and surrounded by boxes of things I intend to get rid of.  As my boyfriend and I are sharing a room, it functions as a bedroom, dining room, living room, workroom etc.  The cabinet is a stained red color with white and yellow striped lining.  I bought grey baskets for it so my future workroom can have my new favorite fall color scheme, mustard and grey.  Here are some great handmade finds that I hope make it into my workspace when I have a room to myself!

Photo compliments of Tookies
It is five days until my birthday and I'm starting to get my sweet crave on.  One online trend for handmade sellers is the cake jar.  So if you are celebrating a birthday or need something for a friend or simply just want to indulge yourself, here are some mouthwatering treats to enjoy.

Birthday Cake Surprise by OldTimeFavorites
Devils Food Buttercream Cake by TheCurvyMermaid
Mountain Dew Cake by PaulasPastries
Betty-O's Cookies N' Cream Cupcakes by MissBettyCakes
Key Lime Cake by VengeanceIsSweet
Captivating Caramel & Chocolate Ganache Cake by Tookies


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