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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Lifecycle of Makeup

I seem to be forgetful when it comes to makeup. It's the last thing I remember to replace or clean out. A couple weeks ago I was tempted by this amazing mint eyeshadow. I swore that if I spent this money I didn't have in the first place, I would get around to going through all the makeup bags in my apartment.

Sadly, I admit that there was shadows, liners and glosses that have been hanging around since high school. You remember when it was cool to wear Wet 'n Wild? Sometime in college, I had found a chart in a Marie Claire issue which had all of the expiration dates of makeup. I couldn't find the original but after some digging I found the information and created this new chart.

Now what are you waiting for..grab your kaboodles, cosmetic kits and purses and start digging!

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