I think most girls can attest to having collaged their walls at one point or another with magazine photos. I have grown out of wanting such a mess of fashion shots and celebrities on my wall but haven't wanted to toss the photos. Also with the digital age, several of these amazing photographs never made it to print.

I wanted to share these photos as they might inspire you the same way they have me or maybe remind you of another photo you might share with me! Photozealous is the perfect word for this series as these photos hold certain qualities I aim for either in fashion shoots, styling, creating, or simply enjoying.
I'm pretty sure this is the perfect starting point. This is the cover of Vogue March 1954 and it is the only piece of artwork that is now framed in my sewing room. The crimson background and mustard glove match my decor not to mention the shot is gorgeous. It was taken by Richard Rutledge who has done most of my all time favorite Vogue photographs. I think this photo screams classic style and elegance and I'm glad this is what I get to look at every time I am creating something new for my wardrobe.

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