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Monday, September 15, 2014

Pie Crust Revisited - Gluten Free Beef Wellington

While working at home, I often put the TV on in the background. I rarely pay attention to it but appreciate the company of the white noise. Gordon Ramsay shows are great in this regard. Jokingly, I kept ordering Alex in my best Ramsay impression to make me a Beef Wellington for dinner. This seemed a bit ridiculous considering we are both celiac but one day he thought of using my gluten free pie crust so during my usual banter, he simply said "okay" and behold, a gluten free Beef Wellington!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pie Crust Revisted - Gluten Free Iced Cinnamon Rolls

Last week I shared my revamped version of a traditional gluten free pie crust but today I'd like to share a not so traditional use of the same pastry dough - savory iced cinnamon rolls. 

These are more of a breakfast scone since they aren't as soft or sweet as a typical sticky bun but they are just as good. The perfect pairing to your morning coffee!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pie Crust Revisited - The Perfect Summer Pie

Nothing beats the heat of the summer like a fruit pie. I have spent several weeks perfecting and repurposing my traditional gluten free pie crust and have created this series to show a few highlights.

This gluten free peach and blackberry lattice pie was baked for a fabulous BBQ party at my friend's house and was definitely a hit. I got the fruit at a local farmer's market that sets up every Friday evening a few blocks away so it was farm to table fresh and makes such a difference! Recently, I went back to Boston for a week and the first thing I noticed was how unappetizing a lot of the "fresh" fruit and vegetables have become. Their markets are filled with overripe fruit that originates from California and I have become so spoiled living close to America's main food sources.

Continue reading for my new gluten free recipe or for a vegan version, check out my original recipe.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

1970s Bow Blouse

If someone asked me what my least favorite style decade was, I would definitely say the 70s. I tend to avoid it like the plague when shopping for vintage patterns. Yet, recently I've been trying to find more separates patterns and less vintage dresses to round out my closet and I stumpled upon Simplicity 8348 (1978). There's a flowy easiness to this tunic blouse that I loved.

I somewhat regret using a slippery sheer polyester fabric as my first attempt in making a blouse. Especially with all the gathering in the yoke. I probably stuck every pin I owned across the top and still and to redo the gathers 3-4 times. If I had to do it over, I'd make it more form fitting for myself. When not tucked in, it looses a lot of shape and isn't as flattering.

Otherwise, this pattern was fairly quick to manage and I created a few more as gifts once I got the hang of it. I think using a bold statement print makes for a great work to evening look. This bow blouse even works dressed down with a pair of jeans.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stay Cool With Raw Vegan Mint Coconut Cream Bars

After inviting some friends over for a pool party, I faced the dilemma of providing treats that were vegan, kosher, dairy free, nut free, and gluten free in order to accommodate everyone's dietary needs. With a little thought and research, I came up with these refreshing mint coconut bars -- a much needed cool and creamy treat for a hot summer's day.