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Monday, April 7, 2014

Handmade Finds: Accents of Color

Colorful decor is a big obsession of mine. I love color therapy and creating palettes for rooms in my apartment. On the downside the more color in a room, the more cluttered it can feel.

Accessorizing a room with color makes it easier to rotate seasonal color schemes and won't overwhelm the room. Here are a few of my new favorite etsy stores that use pops of color in a fun way.
Teal Poodle // This shop features several graphic color print designs on cutting boards, shower curtains and more. I love their pantone color swatch and bokeh designs.

Vixen Goods // Throw pillows are a great solution for adding color and comfort. Vixen Goods is filled with wonderful critter themed pillows that are both neutral and colorful.

Carriage Oak Cottage // Plants can add a touch of color but don't just leave it up to the flowers. These ombre vases provide a great accent of color and texture.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pinpointing Style with Pinterest

I don't know about you, but lately I've been really trying to figure out my personal style. I'm sick of buying fast fashion just to get through an interview or make it a season, and I'm also sick of falling in love with a print or a color in the spur of the moment only to get rid of the garment a short time later (often with the tags still in tact). Last year I listed my celebrity fashion muses in an effort to focus my energies, but I could not quite figure out my personal style.

Recently, Cotterie did a blog series to help people develop their Wardrobe Architecture which I thought could help me out. However, my first problem was with their first few posts; the deep yet direct questions about your past and style are is suppose to help you figure out your fashion, but anytime I'm hit with questions such as 'pick a series of adjectives that describe yourself and your style', I draw blanks. If I'm not even sure what my style rules are, how am I supposed to describe them?

On my way to downtown LA's fabric district, I decided to browse my pinterest boards to see if there was anything worth shopping for fabric to then turn into a garment. I scrolled through my Dream Closet board and suddenly my fashion sense clicked into place. I have been pinning my style loves for a solid year and while browsing, it suddenly occurred to me that everything on that board falls into a simple checklist of fashion do's...and none of it is represented by the choices in my closet!

So here's my checklist below, in the hopes it may inspire you to do the same... and finally build the wardrobe you've been dreaming of.

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Curtains! { Literally } + Dip Dying Fabric Tutorial

Recently I've been in love with dip dyed decor. Anything dip dyed really if you couldn't tell by my hair. Dip dying is a wonderful way to minimally add accent colors to a room without overpowering it.

Looking through the West Elm catalog a few months ago I spotted the above curtain and fell in love. Though I couldn't believe how costly curtains are! Particularly since my post college decor has consisted mostly of push pinning sheets over windows.

I decided to make my own curtains out of gauze fabric using McCall 3219. The pattern was so simple to construct. The worst part was just mathematically constructing the curtains to scale and evenly hemming. I love how they defuse the light in our bedroom but decided they needed a color pop.

After much debate, I settled for a lavender color. I think I was inspired by Pantone's radiant orchid color or just a need for spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Detox My Life: Fashioning Change With Brand Loyalty + 20% off

Michael Kors was right -- but to a much larger scale. It is not just teens who are starting to reject fast fashion, but consumers of all generation. Brand loyalty is becoming more universal. This became clear to me when the Christmas wish lists of my family and friends wasn't just populated with objects or store gift cards, but a list of their favorite designers.

V-Neck Tee // Good & Fair Clothing
We as a whole seem to be reverting to a mentality of wanting great classic fashion that lasts, not  the rushing to nab this seasons hottest trends. I think part of this comes from smarter consumerism. I want clothes that fit and clothes that last.

Starting this detox my life series made me realize how difficult shopping with a conscious has become, unless you know the brand. Once the clothes hit the racks, it's hard to dig up their origin stories -- where it was made, how toxic are the materials, did the makers earn fair wages.

Thankfully, I accidentally stumbled upon the ultimate site for finding fashion-forward brands with a conscience. Fashioning Change is an up and coming site that compares your style, the brands you love and the causes you care about.

And thankfully for you, you can sign up and use JOINME_LORELAI827553 to get 20% off.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Go Green With Gluten Free Kiwi Cake

The weather for the past week has been spectacular -- clear, sunny, light breezes. Alex and I visited San Diego for the first time and already have plans to return. We also have spent a few nice nights in our apartment's hot tub. There's finally enough daylight in the day to get work done and still have playtime.

I had a green irish whiskey milkshake over the weekend but today without the time to waste on drunken debaucheries, I feel like a spring celebration is more in order. I created this amazing kiwi cake recipe due to forgetting I already had kiwi in the fridge when I bought more. So in honor of my forgetfulness and warmer days coming, here is a great light cake recipe to try for any spring or summer occasion.