Nothing beats the aroma of fresh spices. A couple weekends ago, I remade one of my old favorite recipes -- gluten free rosemary foccacia bread. The scent of rosemary saturated the air and made me forget for a moment the clustered city that I call home. It was a welcome escape from all the chaos of getting ready for the upcoming move and holiday season!

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Autumn might just be my favorite season. Best food, fashion and holidays happen this time of year. I also feel like the cooler weather kicks me into production mode. I have been getting a lot of organizing done in preparation for moving to a larger space.

While you're enjoying the holiday weekend, I've rounded up some of my recent finds that have inspired me.

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Move over Ikea, there's a new furniture store in town. One of my favorite online realtors, Fab, has teamed up with a few European companies to create a new online catalog of chic and modern furniture. The will also be allowing certain pieces to be customized by the buyer. I will definitely be getting inspiration for my apartment off their instagram. (Hem)

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The perfect twist to a boring t-shirt. Laura's blog has tutorial after tutorial of trendy ways to revamp t-shirts. I've customized several oversized shirts over the past couple months for a more comfy, casual look. (Trash to Couture)

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Make gift giving more personal by turning instagrams into gift tags. The perfect DIY for the upcoming holiday season. (A Beautiful Mess)

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Need cocktail inspiration with some autumn flare? Try anyone of these cider recipes to get yourself into the holiday spirit. (BuzzFeed)

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Rise and shine. Learn about what kids eat around the world for breakfast. It's really fascinating how much one meal can tell us about different cultures. I'm particularly loving the looks of this above feast from Istanbul. (NY Times)

radio picture chorus girls, 1938
What's not to love about this photo? This photograph is the ultimate snapshot of the Radio Picture Chorus Girls rehearsing an act on top of the Lucille Ball Building on the Paramount Lot. Somehow they maintain a classy and glamorous pose even while socking each other in the face.

I also admire the way the photographer captured this moment perfectly. The photographer feels as real and present as the girls. Nowadays, people take photos so casually and excessively that there is such a lack of purpose. I probably take 15-30 photos in a row just for one instagram and never even look back to that moment. It is all to common to hide behind a mobile device snapping away without a thought.

Because of this, I have given myself a challenge. I am dusting off my Olympus camera that my dad gave to me and for this entire month I will be shooting approximately a roll of film a week. That means 24-36 shots max for those of you that have never actually held a real camera. I cringe to think that people might not be familiar with what I'm talking about... I might even dust off my polaroid or lomo cameras.

This is a personal challenge but I created the button below in case anyone felt inclined to join in.


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