My first somewhat basic cotton blouse and I must say I am quite pleased. I will definitely be making more tops and skirts to even out the assortment of dresses I have made.

I made this blouse with McCall 5929 and I love the fit of the pattern. No alterations needed. I probably won't be ever adding the sleeves to this one though. That model above looks so much like a doll with those puffy sleeves. Not really my thing.

Did you catch my only mistake?

If you look closely, you will notice my buttons are on the wrong side. Technically this is a man's blouse! I've been assisting with tailoring a lot of men's shirts for my friends of late and totally spaced on finishing my own blouse. I'm thinking I might start a trend of menswear for women.

This difference in style is said to date back to Victorian-era or earlier. Most people are right-handed so the men's buttons are positioned to dress themselves while the women's are positioned so that your servant may assist you in your dressing. This also explains the positioning of back buttons and zippers on more formal garments. Pretty crazy, right?


Nothing beats the aroma of fresh spices. A couple weekends ago, I remade one of my old favorite recipes -- gluten free rosemary foccacia bread. The scent of rosemary saturated the air and made me forget for a moment the clustered city that I call home. It was a welcome escape from all the chaos of getting ready for the upcoming move and holiday season!


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