I'd like to showcase the two apps I've found that make it easy to compare products so that I can pick the companies that put healthy ingredients and the environment first. Knowing that your products are chemical-free and cruelty-free is really the best way to pamper yourself!

The Environmental Working Group has an amazing Skin Deep Cosmetics Database that covers everything from skin care to cleaning products. They analyze the ingredients of products and rate how healthy they are for you. The more bad ingredients, the higher the score. You can sort the lists to see the best sunscreen, toothpaste, hair dye, and so on. EWG also has a mobile version which has a bar code scanner so you can test your products on the go.

Leaping Bunny is the organization the certifies cruelty-free products. You may recognize their bunny logo from certain labels of various beauty products and cosmetics. This site has a great shopping guide which shows you all the companies that have been certified by year and by category, and they also have an app version.

Companies have to re-qualify annually, so it's important to keep up to date. I've noticed some of my favorite companies that used to be cruelty-free now source materials that aren't, and recently lost their certification. But finding a replacement has never been easier with these tools.
I have never been one for Hallmark holidays. Celebrating my loved ones doesn't need to be penciled into the calendar. Personally, I come up with my own traditions lile insisting my boyfriend cook me finger food. We've had ribs, turkey thighs, and fried chicken. Nothing says true love like sauce all over your face.

When I found pink, red and white M&Ms, I decided I might as well get into the Valentine's holiday spirit. The colors are so fun and bright. They reminded me that spring is right around the corner.

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